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Unaffiliated Horse Winter Points Showjumping

October 20th, 2019

65cms Competition - 1, Harry, Adrian Rippon; 2, Rob Roy, Gail Fitzsimmons; 3, Our Paddy, Julie Broughton; 4, Pinkie, Barbara Eaves; 5th=, Wild Days, Audrey Lawson; 5=, Sparky, Katy Taylor.

75cms Competition - 1, Amber, Katie Anderson; 2, Drinking Buddy, Grace Wood, Peanuts, Olivia Hartley; 4, Matilda, Ian Mackay; 5, Rempard Centrum R, Grace Wood; 6, Smartie, Vic Morrow.

85cms Competition - 1, Valentina, Brooklyn Bell; 2, Priya, Jon Fletcher; 3, My Way Or No Way; Zabrina Stelmach; 4, Peanut, Olivia Hartley; 5, Giggsy, Georgia Clarke; 6, Xanita H, Janet McCleary.

95cms Competition - 1, Priya, Jon Fletcher; 2, Cassie, Claire Paisley; 3, Joe, Richard Nichol; 4, Luy Eclipse, Michelle Byrne; 5, Patsy, Richard Nichol; 6, Ollie, Lindsay Lowrie.

105cms Competition - 1, Valentina, Brooklyn Bell; Patsy, Richard Nichol; 3, Joe, Richard Nichol; 4, Calypso, Jo Arris; 5,=, Luy Eclipse, Michelle Byrne; 5=, Cassie, Claire Paisley; 5=, Luna, Katie Taylor.