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Unaffiliated Pony Winter Points Showjumping

December 4th, 2016

55cms Competition - 1, Lucy, Vicky Morrow; 2, Jaeger, Sam Allan.

60cms Competition - 1, Buttons, Maddie Nairn; 2, Becky, Sarah Finlay; 3, Lady, Imogen Rome; 4, Rindy, Imogen Rome; 5, Disney, Annalise Jeffrey; 6=, Jaeger, Sam Allan; 6=, Pride, Annalise Jeffrey.

70cms Competition - 1, Disney, Annalise Jeffrey; 2, Buttons, Maddie Nairn; 3, Cookie, Amy Milburn; 4, Polo, Lucy Armstrong; 5, Noah, Kayleigh Murray; 6, Becky, Sarah Findlay.

80cms Competition - 1, Mandy, Heather Macdonald; 2, Cookie, Amy Milburn; 3, Laddie, Lilly Brown; 4, Becky, Sarah Findlay; 5, Noah, Kayleigh Murray; 6, Disney, Annalise Jeffrey.

Pony Club Dengie Debut First Round - 1Q, Laddie, Lilly Brown (Blackdyke Farm); 2Q, Becky, Sarah Findlay (CFHN); 3Q, Noah, Kayleigh Murray (Blackdyke Farm); 4Q, Dominica, Isla Davies (Stewartry).

90cms Competition - 1, Mandy, Heather Macdonald; 2, Dominica, Isla Davies; 3=, Cookie, Amy Milburn; 3=, Laddie, Lilly Brown; 3=, Bay Knight, Gemma Caygill.

Pony Club Dengie Winter League First Round - 1Q, Dominica, Isla Davies (Stewartry). No other first round clears.