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Equine Influenza Vaccination
for all Dressage Competition Entrants

Taken from page 58 of the British Dressage 2020 Rule Book, effective from December 1st, 2019.

This rule applies to both BD affiliated entries and to unaffiliated entries, as the unaffilliated classes are run at a BD affiliated fixture.
All competitors should bring passports to the secretary on arrival please, for checking before riding any test.

Rule 12. Equine Influenza Vaccination

To protect the health of the other competing horses and the bio-security of the venue, a valid passport must accompany the horse to all competitions and be produced on request.
Failure to comply is a disciplinary offence and will debar the horse at the event for which it has been entered. A horse will not be permitted to compete unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions.

The vaccination record(s) in the horse’s passport, must be completed, signed and stamped line by line, by an appropriate veterinary surgeon (who is neither the owner nor the rider of the horse).
For those competing under FEI rules, please refer to FEI rules. The responsibility to comply with this rule lies with the competitor, who should consult with their veterinarian.

Horses being found without adequate and up to date vaccinations will not be allowed to compete and will be barred from competing until such a time that they have been given their first and second vaccinations. The registration of any horse found in breach of this rule will be suspended until rectified.