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December 4th 2016 - Show jumping

Class One - 1, Smurf, Jenny Wigham; 2, Cracker, Olivia Atkinson; 3, Blue, Jessica Wildley; 4, Cracker, Emily Graham; 5, Simon, Eden Beck; 6, Misty, Alice Di Lullo.

Class Two - 1, Misty, Ashley Graham; 2, Blue, Lexie Clarkson; 3, Georgina Fowler, Sonic; 4, Branston, Isla Clarkson; 5=, 6 shared.

Class Three - 1, Harry, Carrina Linton; 2, Baxter, Ella Morley; 3, Moses, Kayleigh Murry; 4, Buddy, Grace Wood; 5, Alcopop, Beth Frizell; 6=, 4 shared.

November 6th 2016 - Show jumping

Class One - 1, Chester, Saffon Cooper; 2, Smurf, Jenny Wigham; 3, Chester, Heidi Batey; 4, Blue, Olivia Atkinson; 5, Socks, Samantha Batey; 6, Misty, Erin Wilson.

Class Two - Socks, Ashley Graham; 2, Harry, Beth Irving; 3, Harry, Kye Reeves-Brown; 4, Misty, Lexie Clarkson; 5, Isla Clarkson, Sonic; 6, Eric, Emma Irving.

Class Three - Moah, Kayligh Murry; 2, Smartie, Callie Graham; 3, Harry Patch, Poppy Nixon; 4, Murphy, Molly Bell; 5, Caffrey, Helen Moffat; 6, Baxter, Ella Morley.

October 2016

The following members of Blackdyke Farm Centre Pony Club achieved their Saddlery Badge ...
Paige Little, Isla Clarkson, Lexi Clarkson, Michaela Richardson, Kye Reeves,Brown, Eden Beck, Emily Oakes, Jason Martindale, Alex Bouch, Emily Graham, Ashley Graham, Olivia Brown, Beth Irving, Emma Irving.

The following members achieved their R.D.A. Volunteer Badge ...
Thiane Pohlandt, Olivia Graham.

The next Pony Club show jumping is on Sunday November 6th. Please check you have renewed your membership.