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Winter Show Jumping Results

The 2022-2023 HORSE Unaffiliated Winter Show Jumping run from October 2022 to March 2023. Future fixtures are on the What's On page.

October 16th, 2022 -
60cm Competition - 1, Zena, Lexi McKie; 2, King Leon, Jill McWillian; 3, Gecko, Kitty Robinson, 4, Pinkie, Alice Bent; 5, Dessi, Vic Morrow.
70cm Competition - 1, Zena, Lexi McKie; 2, Mickey, Beth Frizell; 3, Matilda, Vic Morrow; 4, Woody, Joanne Mason; 5, Cookie, Lilly Milburn; 6, Peanut, Olivia Hartley.
80cm Competition - Horses Sec A - 1. Jack, Melissa Cairns; 2, Eleanor, Karen Dunlop; 3, Woody, Joanne Mason; 4, Marco, Amy Conaghan; 5, Frodo, Jennifer Park; 6=, 4 shared.
Pony Club Debut Sec B - Red Ink, Lilly Milburn (CFHN); 2, Arktic Ayers, Fern Wharton (CFHN); 3, Paul, George Di Lullo (Sth Northumberland); 4, Domino, Matthew Taylor (Cumb Foxhounds); 5, Mr Bojangles, Leisha Watson (CFHN); 6, Cookie, Lilly Milburn (CFHN).
90cm Competition - Horses Sec A - Xanita H, Janet McCleary; 2=, Jack, Melissa Cairns; 2=, Eric The Red, Karen Munlop, 4, Marco, Amy Conaghan.
1.00m Competition - 1, Eric The Red, Karen Dunlop; 2, Xanita H, Janet McCleary.